Hire An Illustrator

Looking to hire an illustrator?

At the bottom of the page are illustrations clients have hired me for over the years. The illustrations are for projects such as mobile games, board games, animation backgrounds, print media and much more. As a professional illustrator for hire, I’m able to bring your ideas into reality. Custom art and illustrations made by a reliable freelance artist.

If you’re looking to hire an illustrator. Here are reasons to consider me:

I am a problem solver.

This may not be the first thing you think of when considering an illustrator but being an illustrator is so much more than creating artwork. It is about communicating ideas, capturing a mood, conveying a message or telling a story. All this is done through the style, colors and design of each illustration. Illustrations should creatively communicate what you the client intended. Each project requires technical knowledge of the medium or application used to create the art. Solving style issues, conveying the right ideas and creating an effective design are part of how an illustrator provides the solutions that give you the final artwork you need.

I can concept your ideas.

Using my skills, experience and expertise as an illustrator, I can provide suggestions and ideas for your design. I also listen well and if you really want something a certain way I am flexible and willing to implement your ideas.

I can capture most any style.

When I say I can capture most any style, I mean, that I am really good at creating new styles or imitating the look and feel of other artwork that you might really like.

My process creates a successful project.

I first start by understanding your project. I ask you appropriate questions about what you want to accomplish. Then I do some of my own research and consider how I will approach your illustrations. Next I provide rough concept sketches. Once the concepts are approved I move on to more final artwork with periodic reviews and approvals along the way. Once the illustrations are complete and final I export the artwork into appropriate file formats and sizes.

I offer a great one-on-one customer service.

I like to keep open communication during all phases of a project. I address any concerns you might have and I will express any issues I might see as the work progresses. I always approach my relationship with you in a professional way but being able to be friendly and approachable is extremely important. I will always keep you informed as to the current status of your project. I respond in a timely manner to any emails you send. It is always satisfying when a project ends well and I have made a loyal customer.

My prices are competitive but realistic.

After years of experience I am very aware of how to determine the cost for illustration work. I have always kept track of my time and investment for every project I work on. This gives me solid data on what is involved with different types of projects and how long they might take. This information gives me good guidance for how to charge for your project as we work together to negotiate a fair price that satisfies both our needs.

So these are just a few reasons why I think you should hire me as your illustrator.

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