Brett stebbins sapling house exterior 02

Final Concept Art - Sapling House Exterior

Brett stebbins screen shot 2016 09 06 at 3 32 54 pm

Process Step 1 - Sketch

Brett stebbins screen shot 2016 09 07 at 5 43 38 pm

Process Step 2 - Adding Color

Brett stebbins screen shot 2016 09 09 at 1 09 23 pm

Process Step 3 - Final Textures, Photo Bashing and Light Effects

Luminare Saga - Village of Die Nox - Sapling House Exterior

The village of Die Nox is situated in the forest. It is separated into three regions. The village of Lost Souls, the village of Vampires, and the village of faeries.

This is a concept art for Luminare Saga, my client's top-down JRPG. All work is created in Affinity Photo.

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